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Application 1. Name? RYan, Mr Gib 2. Where do you live? SO FLow 3. Age?21 4. Name only 5 of your favorite bands. Alkaline Trio, As I lay dying, saves the day, Atreyu, Throwdown 5. What's the best show you've ever been to? ACDC.... the shook me all night long 6. How many tattoos/piercings do you have? 4 tats, one tounge ring.... buh i have had my ears at a 4 guage, nose periced.... work suxs! 7. Why the fuck are you scene? because i got style with the upmost intent of killing u 8. Do you bring the mosh? i bring the scene 9. Do you think the mods are rad-rawk? rad rock indeed 10. What is your opinion on drugs and drinking? fuck drugs... fuck u if u do em...... drinking... ahhhh everyone once in awhile i need to spoil my liver 11. What is your opinion on gay marriage? whatever hole u choice is up to u as long as ur happy 12. What is your opinion on Bush? good speaker & anti war! =+0 13. What is your opinion on fashion in the scene? good style 14. What makes you better than the next kid with black hair & girl jeans (Why should we accept you)? cause my heart is as black as my hair bygolly 15. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. Only one teaser, please; after that, use a lj-cut.
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