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1. Name? Amy Lynn Mortimore
2. Where do you live? Royal Palm Beach
3. Age? 18
4. Name only 5 of your favorite bands.
Every Time I Die
Brand New

5. What's the best show you've ever been to? Poison the Well, GlassJAw, Cursive, American Nightmare, Thursday. Fucking Rocking.
6. How many tattoos/piercings do you have? none bitches!
7. Why the fuck are you scene? cause I fucking am.
8. Do you bring the mosh? sometimes.. if im not busting my ass on the ground..
9. Do you think the mods are rad-rawk? shit yea.
10. What is your opinion on drugs and drinking? its your own choice. I drink.. other drugs, I prefer not to mess with.
11. What is your opinion on gay marriage? I really feel that homosexuals should be treated with respect as individuals, but when they are asking for a scared union under the law, thats going to far. Especailly since they want it for tax breaks etc. I believe marriage is a scared union between man and woman.
12. What is your opinion on Bush? He's our president. What are you going to do about it?
13. What is your opinion on fashion in the scene? I like to make my own shit. I go thrifting and cut shit up. You wear what you like. You shouldn't have to look a certain way to be accepted.
14. What makes you better than the next kid with black hair & girl jeans (Why should we accept you)? Cause I'm not the next kid with black hair.. but I do wear girl jeans.
15. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. Only one teaser, please; after that, use a lj-cut. go here:
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