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1. Name? wong
2. Where do you live? SoFLo
3. Age?twenty
4. Name only 5 of your favorite bands. only five huh?
-against me!
-catch 22/streetlight manifesto (same band... sort of)
-leftover crack/choking victim (yeah... same band too <3's the bands with 2 names)
-alkaline trio
5. What's the best show you've ever been to? against me! in the polish american club cause that place fuken rox... and yea... AGAINST ME!
6. How many tattoos/piercings do you have? ummm... i got's my ears pierced
7. Why the fuck are you scene? i most definately am not scene... but then again lauren knows that!
8. Do you bring the mosh? of course
9. Do you think the mods are rad-rawk? only if thats a good thing.
10. What is your opinion on drugs and drinking? ummm... alchohol good, drugs... not as good.
11. What is your opinion on gay marriage? sure why not
12. What is your opinion on Bush? go away
13. What is your opinion on fashion in the scene? depends on which scene and which fashion i guess...
14. What makes you better than the next kid with black hair & girl jeans (Why should we accept you)? be-fuken-cause
15. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. Only one teaser, please; after that, use a lj-cut. agh... so much work... bleh.

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Wong is the scenest man I know.