BangBang! (bloodonyourhand) wrote in the_scenery,

1. Name?Juan fuckin Pablo
2. Rep your fucking hood? 561 niguh!
3. Age? im turning 18 in a week
4. Name at least 15 of your favorite bands. OBW, bleeding through, throwdown, shai hulud, norma jean, underoath, modest mouse, death cab for cutie, in my eyes, bob marley, postal service, the young, at the drive in, give up the ghost, nas, lil jon and teh east side boyz.
5. Name at least 5 of your most hated bands? hanson, opeth, and any goth shit.
6. What's the best show you've ever been to? shai hulud, most precious blood, sick of it all.
7. What's the last show you went to? witches last show in west palm
8. Why are you part of "THE SCENE"? fuck taht shit, im tuff.
9. Do you bring the mosh? i fuckin kick u in teh face motherfucker
10. Do you think the mods are radrawk? mods???
11. What is your opinion on drugs and drinking? i fuckin love it
12. What is your opinion on gay marriage? butt sex rules.
13. What is your opinion on Bush? faggot.
14. What is your opinion on fashion in the scene? fuck evrything man, fuck it.
15. Explain yourself in one paragraph. im fuckin colombina, i cant speack in english, nor type rite, so if you havea problem w/ that we can take it outside.
16. What makes you better than everyone else(Why should we pick you)? cuz im hott. shit.. whast you think?
17. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. go here
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